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Welcome to the Chino Police Department's training hub. We strive to provide our Law Enforcement staff with the best training available, so they can perform their tasks to the best of their abilities, but we don't want to do that alone. We want our partners in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and the Community to have the opportunity to receive the training they need as well. 

The Chino Police Department Headquarters contains a state of the art training space that is perfect for presentations, lectures, group discussions, and practical scenarios. Are you a Law Enforcement Officer and want to know what presenters will be teaching a course at our facility? Are you an instructor who is looking for a great facility to host your next course? Are you a Chino Resident that wants to attend the next Chino Police Department Training event that's open to the public? If so, you've come to the right place. 




5450 Guardian Way

Chino, CA, 91710


(909) 334-3052




Sworn law enforcement training

The world of Law Enforcement is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about current trends. With the consistent introduction of varying laws and state mandates, the training requirements for Police Officers is constantly changing. The Chino Police Department is dedicated to providing up-to-date, on going applicable training to keep officers on the cutting edge of law enforcement.


professional staff / civilian law enforcement training 

A successful Law Enforcement organization is a collaborative effort. A big part of that success is the professional support staff that aid departments in their crime fighting efforts. The Chino Police Department recognizes the importance of training Professional Staff such as Records Technicians, Crime Prevention Specialists, and Crime Analysts. As a result, we host a variety of excellent courses geared towards these specializations.




It's up to all of us as a collective community to recognize, understand, and prevent crime. To help our community develop these traits, we offer a variety of training that is both free and open to the public to attend. 



professional presentations

Our state of the art training facility can elevate the quality of any presentation. Between the logistical accommodations of the training space,  to the excellent service that our employees provide, there is truly no limit to what you can do with a presentation at our department. 


The department strives to bring in the most professional, experienced, and esteemed figures in the fields of Law Enforcement to speak and teach at our department. We regularly bring in regionally recognized experts to educate our staff in both conventional and non-conventional fields of study. 


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