Equipment Check Out 

Below is a list of equipment that you may check out from the Training Unit. 

If you would like to make a reservation for a piece of equipment , you can..

1) CLICK HERE to make an equipment reservation online.

2) Stop by the Training Unit 


Presentation kit (2) 

Planning to hold a presentation at an offsite location? This kit will satisfy virtually any presentation requirement that you may have. Each kit includes the following items: 

  1. Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Bluetooth Microphone 
  3. Doorstops (3) 
  4. HDMI  / VGA Splitter 
  5. VGA Cable 
  6. HDMI Cable 
  7. IPAD to VGA Cable (project your IPAD / IPhone)   
  8. Aux Cable (Audio) 
  9. Powerpoint Clicker

Tip: Combine a presentation kit with a Mobile Projector and / or Apple TV . 


Mobile projector

This is a fully portable smart projector with the following features: 

  1. Fully battery powered. 
  2.  HDMI & USB ports (No Laptop needed) 
  3. Tripod Accessible
  4. Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity ( Connect a Bluetooth speaker, Access the internet for your presentation) 
  5. Built in Applications (Youtube, Powerpoint, Google Chrome, etc) 
Apple TV.jpg

apple tv

Do you want to stream material from your Iphone or IPAD to a projector for your next presentation? If so, you'll want to check out the Apple TV. 



The Training Unit has several laptops that you may utilize. We have two kinds of laptops :

  1. Dell Travel Laptops ( No access to shared city drives) 
  2. HP Laptops (access to department shared folders such as the S Drive) 

Red  Weapons

We have a large quantity of training weapons that you can use to do practical training scenarios. 



If you are going to attend a department approved training event then you may use a pool car to travel to and from the training. The Training Unit has 2 pool cars : 

Unit 152 (White Honda) 

Unit 109 (Silver Impala)