frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Fill out a training request form and submit it to your immediate supervisor. Be sure to fill out all sections of the request form as an incomplete form will be returned to you by the Training Unit and possibly delay the processing of your request.

  • Please do not submit outdated versions of the training request form as they will not be accepted.

+ Can i attend a training class if it is in another state?

Yes, but there are additional layers of approval that will occur and as a result, your request will take longer to process. Once the Training Unit receives your training request form, the Training Unit will prepare an out of state approval form. This form will be submitted for approval and your supervisor will notify you when your course has been either approved or denied.

+ how will per diems / paying for meals work?

In most cases, you will receive a per diem check on the Thursday prior to your training course start date. The value of your per diem check is determined by the city's per diem rates. See this bulletin for more information on the per diem policy.

  • You will not have to collect receipts for your meals.
  • You will not have to charge meals to your city Cal Card.

+how will i know if my training request has been approved?

When you receive a "Student Memo" through your work email, this means that your training has been approved and you are now scheduled and expected to attend the training course. A student memo typically includes the following information:

  1. Course start and end dates
  2. Course location
  3. Hotel location and check in / check out dates (if applicable)
  4. Your per diem check amount
  5. Flight and or rental car information (if applicable)

It is your responsibility to read and understand the information within your memo. If you have any questions regarding anything on your memo or you would like to know the status of the your training request, please contact the Training Unit.

+ i have hotel reservations for my training course. What will the department cover?

Prior to arriving to the hotel, the training unit will have sent a credit card authorization form to your hotel. This authorization will cover the following fees:

  1. Room & Tax Fees
  2. Resort Fees (if applicable)
  3. Parking Fees (if applicable)

The department will NOT cover any, but not limited to, the following charges:

  1. Room Service
  2. Movies / TV shows / Video Games
  3. Phone call charges
  4. Incidentals (Mini fridge, snacks, water, room service, etc. )

+ i ran into some kind of issue with my hotel. what do i do?

Anytime you encounter any kind of issue with your reservation, please contact the Training Unit. Issues that have occurred in the past include:

  1. The hotel charges your personal card for your room and / or parking fees.
  2. Upon check-in, the hotel cannot find your reservation
  3. Your room and / or bed is unnacceptably dirty

In an effort to be better prepared for such occurrences, always ensure you do the following:

  1. Upon check- in, have a copy of your work ID & hotel confirmation in hand to present to hotel staff.
  2. Upon Check out, review your receipt (folio). Ensure that your personal card has not been charged for your room and / or parking fees.
  3. Be aware of any miscellaneous room charges such as long distance phone calls and house keeping fees.

+ something came up and I won't be able to attend my training course or check in to my hotel as it's noted in the student memo. what do i do?

Once you receive a student memo, this likely means that your course has already underwent a large amount of processing and it will now be difficult to recoup things such as advanced desposits, registration fees, or travel costs.

For these reasons, any request to change your training plan as it is noted in your student memo must be submitted to your immediate supervisor for review. In the event that the Training Unit doesn't receive sufficient notice of the request and is unable to recoup certain training costs, then you may be responsible for reimbursing the city for the incurred costs.



Upon graduating from the Police Academy, every Police Officer must meet the following state mandated training requirements. These requirements occur in two year cycles.

Continuing Professional Training Requirement: Every peace officer (other than a Level III Reserve Peace Officer), Public Safety Dispatcher, and Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor shall satisfactorily complete the CPT requirement of 24 or more hours of POST-certified training during every two-year CPT cycle. Effective January 1, 2002, certain peace officers in specific duty assignments must satisfy a portion of the CPT requirement by completing Perishable Skills and Communications training.

Perishable Skills/Communications Requirement for CPT. Effective January 1, 2002, all peace officers (except reserve officers) below the middle management position and assigned to patrol, traffic, or investigation, who routinely effect the physical arrest of criminal suspects are required to complete Perishable Skills and Communications training.

(A) Perishable Skills training shall consist of a minimum of 12 hours in each two-year period. Of the total 12 hours required, a minimum of 4 hours of each of the three following topical areas shall be completed:

  1. Arrest and Control

  2. Driver Training/Awareness or Driving Simulator

  3. Tactical Firearms or Force Options Simulator

(B) Communications training, either tactical or interpersonal, shall consist of a minimum of 2 hours. It is recommended that managers and executives complete, within their two-year compliance cycle, two hours of CPT devoted to updates in the perishable skills topical areas enumerated above

+ what are "core courses?"

Core courses are training classes that, as specified by the department, provide students with the knowledge and skills that will be essential to their day-to-day field duties as a Police Officer performing patrol functions.

The Training Unit will make arrangments for you to attend your core courses once you have completed the Field Training Program. The courses are as follows:

  1. Basic Interview and Interrogation (BATI)- 40 hour course
  2. Radar & Lidar user certification- 32 hour course
  3. DUI Seminar- 40 hour course
  4. Basic Traffic Collision Investigation- 40 hour course
  5. Drug Abuse Recognition (11550) -24 hour course
  6. Driver Training-PIT Maneuvering - 8 hour course
  7. Intoximenter EC/IR II Operator Training- 2 to 4 hour course

+ I am a field training officer (fto). what are my requirements:

Newly appointed FTO's must meet the following state mandated requirements:

  • Complete a POST certified 40 hour course prior to training any new officers.
  • Complete 24 hours of update training every 3 years following the completion of the 40 hour course.
  • Complete 8 hours of Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) within 3 months of completing the 40 hour course.

+ I have just been assigned as a detective. What are my training requirements?

Detectives may attend a wide array of training. POST's Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) program presents classes in three phases and includes 200 hours of training. The phases include a Core Course, a Foundation Specialty Course, and three related Elective Courses. All courses must be taken within a seven-year period. Students can certify in multiple specialties.

Specialty Courses

  • Arson and Explosives
  • Burglary
  • Child Abuse
  • Computer Crime
  • Domestic Violence
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Financial Crimes (Fraud/Forgery)
  • Gangs
  • Homicide
  • Human Trafficking
  • Identity Theft
  • Narcotics
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Vice

Elective Courses

+ i have just been promoted to sergeant. What are my training requirements?

New sergeants must attend an 80 hour POST certified Supervisory course within 12 months of their appointment date.

+ i have just been promoted to lieutenant. what are my training requirements?

New Lieutenants must attend a 104 hour POST certified Management course within 12 months of their appointment date. This course typically occurs across 3 seperate one-week sessions that occur once per month over a three month period.

+ i am a dispatcher. what are my training requirements?

Upon succesfully completing a POST certified Public Safety Dispatchers Basic Course, every public safety dispatcher must complete 24 hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) every two years.

+ i am records technician. what are my training requirements?

While there are no state mandated requirements for Records Technicians, it is recommended that you complete a POST certified 40 hour POST Records Clerk Course.


+ How do i get new uniforms and equipment?

Fill out and submit a Uniform Request Form to your immediate supervisor. Your supervisor will then submit this form to the Training Unit. If and when the request is approved, you will receive a CHIT. This is a form which authorizes you to receive your uniforms from a vendor. You will bring the CHIT to your requested uniform vendor to receive your uniforms

+ what uniform shops can i go to ?

You have the option of going to the following uniform shops:

  • Galls Uniforms
  • Keystone Uniforms
  • Pristine Uniforms
  • Pro Force
  • Blankenship

If there is a uniform or equipment item offered by an online vendor (Amazon, Safariland, etc. ), you can still submit a request for it. Print out the webpage and be sure to include the direct link to the item, the price of the item, and if applicable, a quote, which includes the exact specifications for what you are requesting.


Yes. If an item is ordered from Galls or an online vendor, then the items can be shipped to the station. Upon arriving, the Training Unit will receive and inspect your items and then contact you to let you know where you can retrieve them.

+ I received an email from either records or the training unit letting me know that my items are here. Where can i get them ?

If Records receives a box with your name on it, please don't pick it up. The Training Unit will need to inspect your items first for billing and accounting purposes.

Any items that arrive for you and are ready to be distributed will be placed in Room 123. To gain access to Room 123, contact any member of the Training Unit or the Watch Commander.


If you would prefer to have a tailor alter your uniforms instead of the uniform shop's tailors, then you may go to one of the following department approved tailors for uniform altering:

To obtain authorization to use a department approved tailor, follow thiese steps:

  • Submit a uniform request form and select BOTH your desired uniform vendor AND your desired tailor.
  • You will receive a CHIT for your uniform vendor (Galls, Keystone).
  • You will receive a separate CHIT for your desired vendor.
  • Take your uniforms to the tailor and submit your CHIT. The tailor will contact you when your uniforms are ready.

+ I need a new vest // My vest doesnt fit anymore. What can I do?

Submit a uniform request form to the Training Unit. Once the request is approved, the Training Unit will contact you to schedule your appointment with a vest fitting specialist. The appointment will be held in the Training Unit and will take appproximately 5-10 minutes.

+ When can i start wearing a load bearing vest?

You may begin to wear BDU uniforms and a Load Bearing Vest once you complete the Field Training Program. Make sure to submit a uniform request to your supervisor.

+ I haven't received my uniform / equipment item yet. where are they?

Your items may be in one of several places. Below are some common scenarios that result in long turnaround times:

  1. The uniform shop is still processing your order.
  2. Your items have shipped, but have not yet arrived at the department.
  3. There was an issue with your order and the Training Unit is working to resolve it.
  4. Your uniform request has not yet been approved.
  5. Your uniforms have arrived and are ready to be picked up from Room 123.

If you ever need a status update regarding your items, please contact the Training Unit.


+ what kind of post certificates are available for police officers?

POST Professional Certificates are awarded to peace officers who achieve increasingly higher levels of education, training, and experience in their pursuit of professional excellence.

To obtain a certificate, you will need a combination of years of experience as an officer, training points, and education points.


  • 1 college semester unit= 1 education unit
  • 1 college quarter unit = 2/3 of an education unit


  • 1 training point= 20 hours of law enforcement training

These are the following certificates that are available, along with the requirements:

  1. Basic Certificate

-- Complete Police Academy

-- Complete probationary period

*Please note that without your Basic POST certificate, you do not have police powers. As such, it is imperative that you submit your application for your POST certificate EXACTLY one year from the date that you graduated the academy. For example, you graduated on 1/1/18 so you will apply for your Basic Cerficate on 1/1/19.

  1. Intermediate Certificate

-- Possess Basic Certificate

-- Meet one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree & 2 years experience
  • Associates Degree & 4 years experience
  • 45 education units & 4 years experience & 45 training points
  • 30 education units & 6 years experience & 30 training points
  • 15 education units & 8 years experience & 15 training points
  1. Advanced Certificate

--Possess or be Eligible for Intermediate Certificate

--Meet one of the following requirements:

  • Masters Degree & 4 years experience
  • Bachelors Degree & 6 years experience
  • Associates Degree & 9 years experience
  • 45 education units & 9 years experience & 45 training points
  • 30 education units & 12 years experience & 30 training points
  1. Supervisory Certificate

--Possess or be Eligible for Intermediate Certificate

--Complete a minimum of 60 semester units or possess an accredited degree

--Complete a POST Supervisory course

--2 years minimum experience as a permanent first level supervisor or higher

  1. Management Certificate

--Possess or be Eligible for Advanced Certificate

--Complete a minimum of 60 semester units or possess an accredited degree

--Complete a POST Management course

--2 years minimum experience as a permanent middle manager or higher

--In order to be awarded both the Supervisory and Management Certificates, possess two years of law enforcement experience as a permanent first-level supervisor or higher, plus two years of law enforcement experience as a permanent middle manager or higher.

  1. Executive Certificate**

--Possess or be Eligible for Advanced Certificate

--Complete a minimum of 60 semester units or possess an accredited degree

--Complete a POST Executive Development Course

--2 years minimum experience as a permanent department head with the current employing agency.

-- In order to be awarded three certificates, Supervisory, Management, and Executive, or any combination of two, possess a minimum of two years experience

+ how do i apply for a certificate?

Applications can only be sent online directly to POST. No paperwork is required. When you would like to apply, contact the Training Unit and bring in a copy of either your degree or a copy of your offical college transcripts.

+ how do i get flat badge?

The department will not pay for your flat badge, but the Training Unit can facilitate the order. Once the order has been placed, you will be forwarded an invoice for your order. You will then be responsible for contacting the badge company and providing your payment information. The badge will then be produced and shipped to the Training Unit and you will be contacted when it arrives.

  • Standard turn around time for badges is 1 to 1.5 months